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18. November 2020

Ship degassing with the most efficient technology on the market

Mobile Entgasungsanlage von ENDEGS

Another ship in Duisport degassed with 0 percent VOC

It is unfortunately still a common practice in many places to degas ships into the open air and release cargo fumes in port. Recently residents in the Netherlands have again made complaints about specific instances of this. It’s not just harmful to the environment, but also risky for crews who are exposed to the fumes and gases.

For years, ENDEGS and in particular its CEO Kai Sievers have gone to great effort to put an end to this, by means of an extremely efficient, patented mobile degassing technology. Its efficiency was recently demonstrated once again in a test in the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. ENDEGS degassed the tanker Visioen with 3300 cubic metres petrol/MTBE (see press release). Degassing the ship took just 6.5 hours at 1000 cubic metres per hour; furthermore, with ENDEGS’ in-situ process there was no further waste and no materials accumulated which would then have had to be transported somewhere else.

And this is where the difference from other degassing technologies really comes into play. ENDEGS isn’t just 40 percent faster than other ship degassing technologies – meaning 40 percent less time in port, 40 percent faster reloading and 40 percent lower costs – ENDEGS also has the lowest emissions. Sievers: “What’s at least as important for me as a family man and company CEO is that we release far less emissions, by a factor of 20, than other market players. And that unlike them, our degassing leaves no waste of any kind that needs to be disposed of. Our competitors use active charcoal and nitrogen to reliquefy gas, but this liquid then needs to be disposed, so the waste and emissions problem is simply moved someplace else. In contrast, we burn away all the hazardous materials, really all of them, almost 100 percent, as we recently did in Duisport.”

And here the circle closes. In Duisport, Germany, after years ENDEGS has now been able to offer a ship degassing site. Sievers: “I would be very delighted indeed if this could be done soon in ports in the Netherlands, like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and/or Antwerp. Today the technology is so simple to operate and use. The risk is essentially null – I think there is no more reason to hesitate.” The recently degassed tanker in Duisport with 2500 cubic metres of super petrol was again degassed without problems to 0% LEL in ten hours.

A summary of the excellent results of the ship degassing test in Rotterdam:

  • Total hydrocarbon emissions: 1.9 mg/Nm3
  • Benzene emissions: < 0.53 mg/Nm3
  • Emissions reduction > 99.99%
  • For example, NOx emissions 33.6 – 76.4 mg/Nm3