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13. March 2020

Project Management at ENDEGS

Projektfläche Mobile Entgasung

The ideal combination of industry and project knowledge

Deep expertise. Highly innovative technologies. Dependable specialists. Transparency and fairness. There are many good reasons to choose ENDEGS, and our lean project management brings them all together. Project management based on many years of experience, that reacts flexibly to individual needs, and that follows the principle of “as efficient as possible, as safe as necessary.”

Professional and focused

At ENDEGS, a specific project manager takes you through the entire degassing processes. Our professional and focused approach is apparent right from the proposal phase. In preliminary discussions, ideally including an on-site visit, we get a comprehensive picture of the overall situation and the requirements. We know exactly what questions to ask to determine the relevant product and project characteristics, so we can give customers the best advice for their particular situation.

Let’s take an illustrative example: A raw petroleum tank needs to be degassed. What kind of tank is it? What is the cleaning method? If steam is used, we’ll need to bring our condensate separator. What country is the oil from? For example, OPEC petroleum can contain a lot of sulphur, and if there are sulphur oxide deposits in the tank they can catch fire.

Detailed and transparent

Based on this and other detailed information, we make realistic estimates of the necessary equipment, infrastructure, time and much more. We use this to make a detailed, transparent proposal to the customer, including a hazard assessment and copies of our most important certificates and datasheets.

If this combination of industry and project knowledge satisfies the customer and we get the order, depending on the project the first step may be a workshop. In this exchange between operator, industrial cleaner and us as the emissions reducers, the interplay of all operating facilities are discussed further under safety aspects, and we take part in a HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability) analysis. This is part of the documentation submitted to the regulatory authority that grants final permission on the tank degassing. ENDEGS is also the right partner for this permitting process. Whether for preparing and assembling the necessary documentation, in-person visits to authorities or official site inspections, we can assist you to the full extent needed.

Exacting and project-specific

After permitting comes onboarding. During this phase we look at the logistic aspects, the incoming material papers and the release document. With project-specific training and safety instruction, we prepare our employees – all of whom are certified – for the upcoming task and any eventualities. The safety of our personnel, the plant and naturally the environment are at the core of our efforts. Accordingly, we take a very exacting approach to pre-checks: Once our compact mobile degassing system is set up at the site (which goes remarkably quickly) we do a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA), and abide by the release document to the letter.

Now we’re ready to start degassing. All processes are designed so that your operations can continue undisturbed or with only minimal restrictions. To ensure the ENDEGS system is working safely at all times, our operators check the entire project site at frequent intervals. Communication is the foundation of all successful project management, and so during this phase we keep the customer updated at all times.

Efficient and legally compliant

Degassing is only complete once we’ve reached the target and you give us our OK to stop. Now comes the removal phase, which we approach with the same care and attention to detail as every other step. The degassing process produces no waste, and we leave the site exactly as we found it. In fact, the only thing we do leave behind is full project documentation and a final report that contains all the information desired by you.

Even in the final process step, ENDEGS is already looking ahead. In one of our own workshops we maintain and take care of the degassing equipment, to make sure it’s ready to provide top-quality service on the next job – so the next customer also benefits from our all-in carefree package, for efficient, legally compliant hazmat combustion.