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28. August 2020

ENDEGS at work in the Netherlands

Mobile Entgasungsanlage von Tanks in Rotterdam

Pförring, 27 August 2020 – In order to enable mobile degassing in the Port of Rotterdam going forward, local authorities tasked ENDEGS with degassing the petrol tanker Visioen’s ten tanks, in a test run. The results: All safety requirements were met. In emissions, ENDEGS performed far better than expected. ENDEGS CEO Kai Sievers said, “We are happy about the results, and would be very glad to be able to do professional degassing in Holland soon.”

The Port of Rotterdam has worked for years to enable ship degassing on-site. Now, in early August the safety region Rotterdam Rijnmond, environmental protection agency DCMR and the Port ran a test project. One objective was to find out whether ENDEGS mobile degassing
systems meet all safety requirements. The other objective was to see if all emissions restrictions were met. Kai Sievers: “Both the nitrogen oxide and the carbon dioxide values were very low, in some cases ten to twenty times lower than with other technologies. We also demonstrated that with mobile degassing we are able to prevent the escape of benzene and petrol into the outside air, as required by regulatory authorities.”

The degassing was performed on the petrol tanker Visioen, with a displacement of 3235 tonnes, a volume of around 3300 cubic metres and ten tanks to degas. After just over six and a half hours of degassing, the tanker was at less than 10 percent of the LEL (lower explosion limit) and so was ready for refilling.

Whether alkylate, benzene, eurobob, naphtha, reformate, toluene, xylol or other tank contents, ENDEGS is the expert for ship degassing, and since April 2020 has operated its own degassing stations in the port of Duisburg (Germany). According to Kai Sievers, “more and more customers are taking advantage of our ship degassing service. We’re delighted about this. It’s not just good news for us, it also means more safety for ship crews and other involved parties, and makes an important contribution to environmental protection.”

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