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22. May 2020

Knowledge and skills

safety for people and environment thanks to degassing

ENDEGS has done over 1000 projects. None of them was like another, but they all had one thing in common – the degassing process was safe and emissions⁃free. Maintaining this high level of quality and safety takes not only our innovative, certified and patented technologies, it also takes sound knowledge, solid capabilities and skills. In other words, it takes experience and well⁃trained personnel.

Tailored training

Our definition of “well⁃trained” sets a high benchmark. Every two years, each employee attends our in⁃house training sessions on work safety management. We developed these courses specifically to cover our activities. Furthermore, operational teams regularly do SCCP (Safety Certificate Contractors for Petrochemicals) training for managers. This internationally recognized certification system is tailored to the very high safety requirements of the chemical and petroleum industries.

The work and safety instructions that our project manager gives his team before the start of every project are likewise specific to the industry and the job at hand. Thus, the personnel on site know all the details of the project, are able to deal with many different eventualities, can react flexibly to changed conditions, and always prioritize safety – the safety of all personnel, the equipment and the site, and naturally the environment.

“Knowledge squared” as part of our HSQE concept

  • Each ENDEGS employee completes our in⁃house seminar on work safety management, which ends with a test and an ENDEGS certificate.
  • All operational employees also complete internationally recognized SCCP instruction. This provides comprehensive knowledge for safe and healthy working based on current work and environmental regulations.
  • No project is like another. Before the start of each new job, our team receives project⁃specific training and safety instruction.