Individual Degassing Service
for All Industries

Safe and legally compliant

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For over ten years we have been degassing all types of tanks, containers and pipelines, so that they can be re⁃used, loaded or unloaded. We help companies prepare for downtime and maintenance, and offer temporary replacement of VRUs, flares and vapor processing systems. We always comply with strict Europe⁃wide regulations. This ensures the safety of people and property, and helps prevent disruption in your operations.


Customer⁃Oriented Degassing and Emissions Reduction

Oil & Gas Industry

Incineration of hydrocarbons

According to current projections the global consumption of petroleum and natural gas will rise, as will the need for environment⁃friendly products and technologies. At the same time, refineries and the processing industry must meet strict legal requirements.

With our mobile flare units we address these needs. We make sure that your tanks, containers and all kinds of receptacles are degassed economically and quickly. Hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon compounds (CH, C1 – C9+n) are incinerated in accordance with legal mandates and a combustion rate of almost 100 percent. We prepare your plant for downtime and maintenance, and offer temporary VRU and VPS replacements. In doing so we help your processes run smoothly, keep costs down and reduce emissions.

Petrochemical & Chemical Industries

Incineration of hydrocarbon compounds and solvents

The chemical industry is extremely energy⁃intensive, and uses hydrogen not just as a basis for products, but also as an energy source. The list of pollutants created during production processes is long: ethylene, propylene, methanol, ammonia, butadiene, benzol and styrene, to name just a few. This variety of gases and gas mixtures is unique to this industry.

With technology specially developed for the chemical industry, ENDEGS offers a very fast and efficient solution for the incineration of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP). The performance of our mobile VCUs is scalable, so that gases like butane and propane can also be incinerated very quickly. In doing so, we help you keep your processes lean and efficient, reduce your costs and not least protect the environment.

Food Industry

Incineration of hexane

Hexane is used in the manufacture of oils in the food industry. This volatile liquid is toxic, and at certain concentrations in air it forms explosive atmospheres.

When production containers are going to be re⁃used or repaired, we draw the residual vapours off, prepare the tanks for cleaning and assist with it. We measure the hazardous substances and will be glad to advise you on emissions prognoses and calculations.

Fertilizer Industry

Incineration of ammonia

The ammonia gas used in fertilizer manufacture is toxic even at low concentrations.

When tanks are taken out of use, we remove the residual NH3 and incinerate the vapours using special incinerators. Advice on the overall process and on taking your containers back into use is also part of our service.

A Flexible System for All Applications

Degassing of Tanks, Mobile Tanks and Suction Trucks*

* Protected by European patent

Degassing of Seagoing and River Vessels

Degassing in Preparation for Refinery Downtime

Temporary Replacement of VRUs, Mobile Flares and Vapor Processing Systems

Degassing of Cryo and Pressure Tanks

Degassing of Plant and Long⁃Distance Pipelines