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12. March 2020

Health & safety are fundamental

safety for people and environment thanks to mobile degassing

The next time you see ENDEGS staff at your site, you’ll notice something – they’re wearing new work clothing.

Is there anything special about that? Were the old clothes worn out? Did they no longer fit? Did they no longer reflect the new ENDEGS identity?

All are theoretical possibilities. But in reality, ENDEGS has four central things it focuses on: Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental protection (HSQE). And that is reflected in the new, safer work clothing.

As a degassing specialist, the company works daily with hazardous substancess that can cause harm, to people who come into contact with them, to the immediate surroundings, to the environment. ENDEGS performs daily risk management, and designs its processes to prevent these dangers. The question is always, how can we ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees?

The ENDEGS HSQE concept: technology plus people

In concrete terms, this means:

• ENDEGS mobile ground flares are equipped with the appropriate safety technology.
• They are tested for quality and function, and certified.
• They are absolutely clean, and leave no waste or residues.
• All employees are trained in work safety management at internal courses developed by us, and at specialist institutions.
• ENDEGS takes active steps to ensure that workplace safety regulations are followed.
• ENDEGS is active in organizations that work to improve job safety and environmental protection.