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24. April 2020

Nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to smell

ENDEGS technology for safety of people and environment

The most important measure of our success is what’s not there. No odors, practically no noise, no open flame, no residue, and most importantly, virtually no emissions, thanks to a combustion rate of very nearly 100 percent. Safe, clean degassing, and thus protection of people and environment, are what set ENDEGS apart.

Pioneering technologies

As pioneers in mobile degassing, we use our own, cutting⁃edge, patented technology. ENDEGS developed the world’s first fully equipped, trailer⁃mounted, autonomously operating combustion unit. This lets us burn off widely varying amounts of gases, gas mixtures and vapors of explosive classes IIA, IIB and IIC, in a timely, cost⁃effective and environmentally sound manner. Specific to the industry and project, the capacity of our flexible, quickly installable combustion chambers is scalable from 0.1 to 150 MW, and available for an expanding range of applications. Innovation and environmental awareness are closely linked at ENDEGS, and we are continually broadening our capabilities. We’re researching and expanding the range of applications for our trailblazing technology. The result is that more and more companies can benefit from safe, ecological emissions reduction by ENDEGS, and so can our environment and future generations.

Patented and certified

  • European patents: Our mobile degassing system is protected by European patent, as is ENDEGS exhaust scrubbing of mobile liquid storage tanks, suction vehicles, decanters etc.
  • CE marking: ENDEGS products meet current European regulations on safety, health and environmental protection.
  • TÜV Süd: The 99.99% combustion rate of our mobile units is confirmed by TÜV Süd.
  • ISO 9001:2015: Quality doesn’t happen by itself, but must be systematically managed. ENDEGS quality management meets the applicable standards of the International Organization for Standardization.
  • SCC Petrochemicals: The highest safety standards are crucial in the petrochemical industry, and ENDGES meets them reliably. We use the SCCP (Safety Certificate Contractors for Petrochemicals) management system recognized Europe⁃wide, giving us a thorough command of safety, health and environmental protection.