Het succesverhaal van ENDEGS begon met de vraag hoe industriële ondernemingen het best kunnen voldoen aan de nieuwe emissiewetgeving. De behoefte was er, maar er bestond geen standaardoplossing voor een veilige en zo volledig mogelijke verbranding van schadelijke stoffen. Daarom ontwikkelden we onze eerste mobiele verbrandingskamers. Vanaf de oprichting, vandaag en morgen; krachtig, betrouwbaar en uniek qua flexibiliteit.

Kai Sievers, ENDEGS-oprichter en uitvinder van mobiele ontgassing

We zorgen voor uw VOC⁃ en HAP⁃verbranding – vandaag en in de toekomst.


ADEX Robot for ATEX zone 0

september 30, 2020

Robots for rent. A new ENDEGS service for ATEX zone 0: ENDEGS now offers powerful robots for rent for the unmanned maintenance and cleaning of above-ground and underground industrial tanks. Please read more in our press release.


ENDEGS degasses almost 400 barges of various chemicals

augustus 03, 2020

ENDEGS has degassed almost 400 oil & chemical tankers (sea vessels) or liquid cargos (barges) totalling more than 45 million DWT in the last one and a half years. Kai Sievers, Managing Director of ENDEGS, commented: “We are pleased that our ship degassing service is more and more appreciated by our customers, and that we can make our contribution to the safety of ship’s crews and other parties as well as to the environment, by reducing emissions of pollutants into the air.” Whether alkylate, benzene, eurobob, naphtha, reformate, toluene, xylene or other tank contents, ENDEGS is the expert for ship degassing. Since April 2020 the company has been offering its own access points for seagoing and river vessels in the port of Hafen Duisport.


Degassing at Duisport – Our press release

maart 31, 2020

As of now: The land-side degassing of tankers is possible in Germany. Since the beginning of March, we have been operating a 2,000 square meter area in the port of Duisburg for this purpose. With our mobile combustion units, we are able to burn volatile organic compounds (VOC) and hazardous air pollutants (HAP) directly on site – legally compliant, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Read more about this project in our press release and contact us at any time if you have any questions or need further information.


ENDEGS degasses ships in the port of Duisburg

maart 04, 2020

Degassing at Europe’s largest inland port – now chemical and petroleum tanker ships can be degassed in the Port of Duisburg compliant with the latest ADN regulations. To make this possible, in early March ENDEGS took into operation a ca. 2000 sqm. site outfitted with mobile combustion chambers, located at km 2.5 in the Hafenkanal. The facility has the capacity to degas about 750 tankers per year. “This enables the degassing of all ships on the Rhine, which brings significant time and cost savings for shipping firms and owner/operators alike,” notes Kai Sievers, CEO of ENDEGS GmbH. So full speed ahead to Duisburg!

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