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For maintaining and cleaning storage tanks in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries

ADEX Roboter für ferngesteuerte Tankreinigung

24/7 tireless and reliable in use: Safe tank cleaning in ATEX zone 0

It works quickly, doesn’t get tired, and cleans dependably and thoroughly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ADEX Robot works in ATEX Zone 0 – without getting tired.

At ENDEGS, responsibility for the safety of people and the environment is always in focus. So we’ve added another pioneering technology to our line-up: Powerful robots, for the cleaning of above-ground and underground industrial tanks. Customers can rent them to replace people where health risks are acute.

ADEX Robot is designed primarily for the rough cleaning of flat-bottom tanks. These were formerly cleaned by three workers in chemical resistant suits, in four shifts of two to three danger-filled hours.

Our robot is a compact, tough multi-talent of stainless steel that meets all current environmental and safety standards. It features maximum traction on the floor through patented magnetic track plates, and has a strong hydraulically operated arm that can grip in any direction with 2,000 Newton metres of force. It’s a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to remove hazardous and non-hazardous materials from industrial tanks.

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Detail ADEX Roboter für Remote-Tankreinigung

Control from ATEX zone 1 via TVC cabin

The remote-controlled ADEX Robot is part of the sophisticated ESOT (Equipment Set for Oil Tank Cleaning) system, which is simple to set up and control. In addition to the robot, ESOT includes a transportable vented cabin, or TVC for short. This likewise meets all relevant European safety standards and is certified for ATEX Zone 1. Inside the cabin are the radio remote control and the hydraulic unit.

The robot can be used in ATEX Zone 0. Its patented magnetic tracks give it maximum traction on the floor due to patented magnetic chain links and a strong hydraulic operated arm that can grip in any direction with 2,000 Nm of force.

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The cleaning cycle from start to finish

Safe and emission-free cleaning of tank and suction truck

ENDEGS looks at more than just the rough cleaning of the tank. We want to make the entire cleaning and degassing process safe and emissions-free. Accordingly, before the robot enters the tank a mobile ENDEGS combustion unit is connected to it for degassing. This allows on the one hand a direct fine cleaning after the use of the robot, on the other hand a full utilization of the suction truck with simultaneous degassing of the tank and of the suction truck according to patent EP 2241806B1.

Roboter für ferngesteuerte Tankreinigung

The advantages for cleaners and industry at a glance

Manual rough cleaning versus ADEX Robot rough cleaning

24/7 at no risk for people or environment

Only the ADEX Robot enters the hazardous ATEX Zone 0

Robot is controlled from a ventilated cabin

Cleaning and degassing go hand in hand

No investment in special lighting

As low as 0 VOC emissions

No contact with hazmats

No protective clothing needed