The cleaning cycle from start to finish

ENDEGS looks at more than just the rough cleaning of the tank. We want to make the entire cleaning and degassing process safe and emissions-free. Accordingly, before the robot enters the tank a mobile ENDEGS combustion unit is connected to it for degassing. This sets up a slight negative pressure within the tank, preventing vapours from escaping. Manual fine cleaning can start as soon as robot rough cleaning is finished.

When the combustion unit and robot have done their jobs, the VOC concentration in the tank is almost 0 % LEL. Cleaning personnel in the tank need only wear a respiratory mask with filter while they remove the small amount of material remaining.

The suction truck is degassed too

Our mobile combustion unit doesn’t just degas the tank, but also the suction truck. As the hazardous materials are pumped into the suction truck, they create dangerous gas concentrations. Instead of just releasing these into the atmosphere, a common but harmful practice, we burn them off with a combustion rate of almost 100 percent.

No Chemical Protection Suits – No oxygen supply needed – lower costs

Higher efficiency, lower costs and outstanding quality. Manual rough cleaning requires chemical protection suites and respirators with air supply – both major cost factors. What’s more, tank cleaning personnel are only allowed to stay in a tank for two hours at the most.

If ADEX Robot is used, you only need two people for eight-hour shift, one to control the robot from the cabin, the other to operate the suction truck. Neither needs heavy, costly personal protective equipment. Neither is exposed to hazards. Neither comes out of a hot tank drained and exhausted.

The same goes for the fine cleaners who manually get the last residues out of the tank after automatic rough cleaning. Since the VOC concentration at this point is very low or zero, all they need is a respiratory protection mask with filter. The work is easy and risk-free.

Rough cleaning: Manual versus ADEX Robot

Comparison table manual vs. robot tank cleaning
Icon 24/7 Services für mobile Entgasung

24/7 at no risk for
people or environment

Icon Tankreinigung Zone 0

Only the ADEX Robot enters
the hazardous ATEX Zone 0

Icon Remote-Steuerung Roboter für Tankreinigung

Robot is controlled from
a ventilated cabin

Icon Hand in Hand Mobile Degassing Services

Cleaning and
degassing go
hand in hand

Icon keine Investition für Emissionsminderung

No investment in
special lighting

Icon 0 VOC Emission

As low as 0 VOC emissions

Icon keine Flamme bei Entgasung

No contact with hazmats

Icon keine Schutzkleidung bei Entgasung

No protective clothing needed