More than just a robot

The remote-controlled ADEX Robot is part of the sophisticated ESOT (Equipment Set for Oil Tank Cleaning) system, which is simple to set up and control. In addition to the robot, ESOT includes a transportable vented cabin, or TVC for short. This likewise meets all relevant European safety standards and is certified for ATEX Zone 1. Inside the cabin are the radio remote control and the hydraulic unit.

Maximum grip on the floor - Cleaning with hydraulic grab arm

The robot can be used in ATEX Zone 0. Its patented magnetic tracks give it maximum traction on the floor. The ADEX Robot has two semi-automatic settings that make the operator’s job easier by allowing him to concentrate on steering the robot. The robot’s continuously repeating multidirectional arm movements enable it to move easily even through thick sludge. The hydraulically controlled arm can grip in any direction with 2,000 Nm of force. The robot is connected by a hose to a suction truck outside the tank. This quickly removes the material taken in by the suction head, be it heating oil, crude oil, sludge or anything else.


Rough cleaning by joystick - Control from the cabin

While the robot is at work, the operator is at a safe distance in the TVC. From the ergonomic chair he controls the robot via a control panel with two joysticks. An HD TV monitor shows each movement in real time. The ADEX Robot enters the tank by a ramp and through the manhole (min. 600 mm). It has an LED light and three ATEX cameras. This eliminates the complication of extra lighting in the tank.

Versatile Uses – Maintainance and cleaning

Thanks to its small size, mobility and versatile
robot arm movements, the ADEX Robot
can be used in many industries
for many different materials.

Mindmap uses of tank cleaning robot