Scalable Combustion Capacity to 50 MW &
A Combustion Rate of Almost 100 Percent

Rental of flare for industrial degassing & combustion

Technologically unique solutions

ENDEGS is the European expert for the mobile and safe degassing of tanks, containers, tank cars, pipelines, ships and suction trucks in Europe. We offer technologically unique solutions for the time⁃ and cost⁃efficient incineration of gases, gas mixtures and vapours of explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC, with a combustion efficiency of almost 100 percent.

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Purpose⁃developed Mobile Flare Units

We develop, produce and operate our own mobile vapor combustion units for industrial degassing. Our mobile VCUs can be used for individual incineration processes, as a temporary solution and as replacement for VRUs, flares and vapor processing systems. For your short⁃ and long⁃term projects we also offer mobile flares for rent - if desired "all in one", that means including also equipment such as power generators, supporting gas supply, connecting pipes etc..




Mobile Brennkammer von ENDEGS

Read all information about the mobile VCU in our technical data sheet.

ENDEGS Degassing Services

Benefit from our all⁃in, worry⁃free package for the flexible, professional and legally compliant incineration of your hazardous substances.

ENDEGS All-in-one-Entgasungsservices

Thanks to their compactness, fast installation and very short execution times, our mobile flare units are highly flexible in use. The effects on daily operations are hardly noticeable. The technical operation of our portable flare is carried out by us, so that there is minimal or no burden on the customer. There is no waste whatsoever during degassing. We offer trained personnel, a transparent process and the best quality standard on the market. This saves customers time and money.

1. We’ll take you through the entire degassing process.

From the initial consultation to the proposal, project preparation and execution of your degassing, from safety precautions to clean⁃up, we’re there for you, as a professional service provider and experienced consultant.

2. Our mobile degassing systems work autonomously.

Our vapor combustion units come with everything needed for degassing – pipes, connections, fans, special combustion nozzles, spare parts, generator with diesel tank, etc. Technical operation of our VCUs is done by us. You as customer assist us only with the project preparation.

3. Effects on your operations are minimal.

Our incineration processes are designed to be flexible and extremely efficient. Thus, your production can continue undisturbed or with only minimal interference. This saves you time and money.

4. Our incineration is reliable, legally compliant and clean.

Our processes are certified and our trailer mounted VCUs are patented. We comply with European laws in developing our ground flares, and follow applicable work safety regulations. Degassing leaves no waste. For you, that means that all relevant safety requirements are met.

5. Our services are predictable and transparent.

We do what we say we will. Whether in measurement prognoses, proposals or project execution, you will experience no unpleasant surprises. Not with regard to execution, and not with regard to costs. We guarantee it.

ENDEGS – what we stand for.

Your Dependable VOC & HAP Incineration

We provide professional, high⁃quality solutions for safe and efficient degassing. They are based on our innovative technology, our unique service and our trained, experienced personnel.

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Fast, flexible,
cost⁃effective processes

Icon Praxiserprobte Entgasungstechnologien

Practice⁃proven technology
based on unique knowledge

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Highly qualified personnel
and fast response times
for all inquiries

Icon Top-Entgasungsservice

Excellent customer service and
minimal interference with your
daily operations

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Assistance getting permits and approvals
from authorities and local agencies