„The ENDEGS success story started with the question of how industrial companies could best meet new emissions legislation. The demand was there, but there was no standard solution for safe and complete pollutant incineration on the market. So we developed our first mobile degassing units. Then as now, they were powerful, dependable, and uniquely flexible.“

Kai Sievers, ENDEGS Founder and inventor of the "all in one" mobile degassing

We take care of your VOC and HAP incineration, now and going forward.


Emergency service in France

April 07, 2021

Degassing a slop tank due to a damaged roof. In 24 hours, the 8 meter high and 8 meter diameter tank was degassed so that workers could safely enter the tank for manual cleaning. The safety of people is always ENDEGS’ top priority.


3 percent LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) in just 84 hours

March 30, 2021

This is the result of degassing a gasoline tank with a diameter of 50 meters in southern France. The desired 10 percent had already been achieved after 36 hours degassing. The customer was delighted and praised the team for its professionalism and fast response time. The necessary repair work could thus be carried out safely and without danger for the workforce after degassing.


We are there for our customers around the clock

March 23, 2021

Our example today: Degassing a relief tank of a crude oil pipeline. This made the relief tank usable again for the next few years – usually 10 to 15 years. Relief tanks play an important role in the safe operation of crude oil pipelines. They compensate for excess pressure in the pipeline system, especially in the event of an emergency shutdown. It is also possible to shut down individual sections of the pipeline using these tanks. In order to completely remove the often very viscous crude oil residues from the tank, clean the inner surfaces and ensure safe working in the tank, all gases had to be completely eliminated from the tank beforehand. ENDEGS achieved this in only 183 hours, and thus as planned. The work was supervised by independent external experts such as TÜV. Crude oil pipelines make an important contribution to the energy supply.


Emission-free turnaround at Germany’s largest refinery

March 12, 2021

ENDEGS conducts column degassing and, in parallel, VRU replacement at Europe’s largest refinery shutdown. The degassing takes around six weeks. Around 5,000 workers from partner companies are involved. Column degassing does not affect the connected plants in any way. Emissions and odors are basically zero. Loading activity can be maintained without restriction. With this action, ENDEGS is once again showing that it not only supports the campaigns for healthy workplaces of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, but also lives them every day. Even with extremely large shutdowns, degassing can be done professionally, with low noise and emissions.


ENDEGS is on the road for its customers

March 03, 2021

This time at a ship degassing in the Netherlands. The task was not only to prepare a tank of 2,500 cubic meters size filled with pyrolysis oil for cleaning, but also to keep the emerging gases LEL (Low Explosive Limit) below 10 percent.


ENDEGS is on the road non-stop on behalf of our customers

February 24, 2021

Just recently, we degassed a floating roof tank with a diameter of 73 meters and an under-roof volume of around 8,000 cubic meters filled with crude oil in the Netherlands using our mobile VCU system.


Arrived safely for emergency operation at the customer’s site

February 19, 2021

Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the ENDEGS ESOT system (including ADEX robot) and combustion chamber have arrived safely for emergency operation at the customer’s site in western Germany. In parallel with a large tank filled with 10,000 cubic meters of crude benzene, the mobile 70 cubic meter liquid storage tank and suction truck are being degassed. ENDEGS applies its own patent EP 2 241 806 B1 for this process.


Customer asks for emergency service

February 16, 2021

ENDEGS is ready for action within just 5 hours. Things just have to happen fast sometimes. In this particular case, due to an acute tank breakdown, a customer required the rapid deployment of the ENDEGS cleaning robot to remove toxic sludge – the operation would be too dangerous for humans – and a VCU (Vapor Combustion Unit) to degas the collapsed tank. In only five hours, ENDEGS assembled the robot, combustion chamber and personnel and was on its way to the customer.


ENDEGS Awarded TOP 100 Seal for Innovativeness

January 22, 2021

ENDEGS has been awarded the TOP 100 Seal for 2021. Now in its 28th year, this competition honours innovative SMEs. The seal recognizes ENDEGS’ innovative capabilities, which were evaluated in a scientific selection process. CEO Kai Sievers: “We’re very proud that even in this difficult year of 2020 we were able to prove ourselves, and that the jury honoured our innovativeness with this award. Please read more in our press release.


ADEX Robot for ATEX zone 0

September 30, 2020

Robots for rent. A new ENDEGS service for ATEX zone 0: ENDEGS now offers powerful robots for rent for the unmanned maintenance and cleaning of above-ground and underground industrial tanks. Please read more in our press release.

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