„The ENDEGS success story started with the question of how industrial companies could best meet new emissions legislation. The demand was there, but there was no standard solution for safe and complete pollutant incineration on the market. So we developed our first mobile degassing units. Then as now, they were powerful, dependable, and uniquely flexible.“

Kai Sievers, ENDEGS Founder and inventor of the "all in one" mobile degassing

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ENDEGS in the “Oil Review Middle East” magazine

November 18, 2021

Emissions and odour control for a sustainable future

The Oil Review Middle East magazine sat down with our Founder & CEO Kai Sievers, developer of the world’s first fully equipped autonomously operated, trailer-mounted vapour combustion unit. In the article Kai Sievers talks about our company, our innovations and the award as a TOP 100 innovator. In addition, he describes how emissions and odour control for a sustainable future works.

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Innovation pays off at ADIPEC

November 18, 2021

The ruler’s representative in the western region of Abu Dhabi, Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, inspects ADIPEC 2021 and praises the level of innovation of the exhibition. As technology leader for mobile emissions treatment of hydrocarbons and for reduction of greenhouse gas footprint, ENDEGS team (Mohammed Al Joaib) presents him its unique advanced plug & play technology.

ENDEGS innovation at ADIPEC


Emergency in the South of France

June 29, 2021

To maintain the loading operation of a Pygaz tanker for a long-standing customer in the south of France, ENDEGS was on site within 24 hours to assist the customer in an emergency. The installation of an incinerator was carried out safely and on schedule.


8th LNG Congress at Duisport

June 11, 2021

We’re happy to welcome the participants of the 8th International LNG Congress at Duisport in 2022. Since March 2020, ENDEGS has been providing legally compliant degassing of gas, chemical and petroleum tankers at Europe’s largest inland port in Duisburg. The site is Germany’s first degassing possibility for liquid and gas tankers. And it’s still the only existing place to remove cleaning water from tanker ships.

At Duisport on the Rhine, ENDEGS GmbH is able to degas around 750 tankers per year using its mobile 0.1 to 50 MW scalable combustion chambers. Regardless of the size of the tank, the gas mix and the concentration, ENDEGS at Duisport can burn off vapors safely and quickly, preparing tanker ships for product changes or for shipyard for maintenance or after an accident. ENDEGS provides the mobile incinerator, the personnel, and the ancillary equipment like generators, pipelines, ventilators, detonation arrestors, liquid separators and pressure regulators.


Degassing of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanks

June 09, 2021

LNG is becoming an increasingly important means of transport and storage. As an innovative company ENDEGS realized this a long time ago and has been offering degassing of LNG vessels or tanks for quite some time. Now ENDEGS was an active part in the 7th International LNG Congress and pointed out how safe and conform to emission regulation the LNG degassing processes of ENDEGS are. No risk. High level of safety. Reliable operations.


ENDEGS as a rescuer in an emergency

May 25, 2021

Our team was again called out on two emergency operations, one in Belgium, the other in the Netherlands. In Holland, the call had come on a public holiday. The following day, 8 a.m. we were already on site, and at 12 p.m. we were able to take over the VRU. For Belgium, the call came on Wednesday, on Thursday, 9 o’clock we were on site, at 12 o’clock both plants – a 10 and a 5 MW plant – were already in operation. In this case it was a tank storage plus ship loading. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire team for their hard work – day in, day out.


Customer satisfaction after VRU replacement

May 17, 2021

We are glad to receive further customer praise, this time from Belgium: After we took over the “breathing” from tank storage occurring during loading and discharging of 120 tanks, as well as replacement provision for the regular maintenance of a VRU, and in parallel the degassing of a 40,000-tonne seagoing vessel while loading using two of our 10 MW combustion chambers, we received the following feedback: “We wish to thank you all for your outstanding performances in the carbon change on the vapor recovery unit. The job was performed smoothly, ahead of schedule, with no down time for our operations, and most importantly, with zero incidents. It has been a pleasure to work with you and rest assured that we will renew this cooperation when the next VRU will need to be addressed (hopefully not too soon).” Thanks so much!


Ammonia in the fertilizer industry

May 06, 2021

In 2010 we were the first company in the world to start burning off ammonia with excellent measured results. Customers from all over the world approach us with the request to degas their ammonia tanks or vessels. We even can degas substances that tend to polymerize, without smoke or flame and without polymerization. Ammonia degassing takes place mainly in the fertilizer industry. The ammonia used in fertilizer manufacture is toxic even at low concentrations. When tanks are out of use, we remove the residual NH3 and incinerate the vapours so that the tanks or vessels can be put back to use free of pollutants.


Parallel degassing of crude oil tank and suction truck

May 03, 2021

During a pipeline inspection with the aid of a measuring pig, the vapors produced and those from the suction truck used were cleanly burned in parallel to the degassing of a crude oil tank. Since April 9, ENDEGS has been working on precisely this task at a customer’s site in Germany: One crude oil tank and one suction truck with a volume of 1,500 to 2,000 m³ are being degassed in parallel. In order to make progress as quickly as possible, our team is also working late into the night. The use of measuring pigs is so important because it enables wear to be detected at an early stage. The inspection includes measuring the wall thicknesses, checking the weld seams and inspecting raw fractures.


Degassing of a ammonia storage tank in the Netherlands

April 29, 2021

Once again, a client of many years has called for a regular degassing of an ammonia storage vessel of 330mvolume. We are pleased about his feedback: “Our ammonia storage vessel is back in service since 1 week. We all thank you for the professional support on the repair of the vessel in a minimum downtime.“

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