Safe and Clean Degassing
for Sustainable Emissions Reduction

Our Mission

We take care of it.

As a degassing specialist we develop, produce and use our own cutting-edge technology
to ensure safety for people and environment – always in accord with applicable
European safety regulations.

We assist ...

... customers through the entire degassing processes.

We ensure continuity ...

... as a family-owned company with long, dependable
customer relationships.

Our Values

We provide safety.

Our degassing technologies are designed to combust harmful substances professionally, quickly and economically. It’s also always about people, so safety is our highest priority.

You can rely on us.

Our assumptions are based on years of experience, and our promises are based on expertise. We make realistic estimates and keep our word. Our customers can rely on it.

We love innovation.

Even our earliest mobile incinerators burned pollutants almost 100 percent - a quantum technological leap. To this day, with each new generation of mobile incinerators, we try to bring innovations to market, that give our customers decisive added value.

We work professionally.

In the over 1000 projects we've done, we've gained a wealth of experience and learned many things. We understand the processes of our customers’ industries, and we know what they need.

We’re efficient.

High⁃performance technology, refined processes, and expert advice – that's the all⁃in service that we offer our customers. That makes us very efficient.

Hochqualifiziertes Personal und kurze Responsezeiten bei jeder Anfrage

We provide transparency.

In each phase of our service, we lay all the facts on the table as a matter of principle. Because honesty and transparency are the basis of a good relationship.

Degassing is our passion.

We’ve transformed our vision into action – giving companies a way to incinerate industrial pollutants cleanly, safely and compliant with laws and regulations. That’s what drives us, and that’s what has inspired us for over ten years.

Our Approach

Low⁃noise. Professional. Efficient.

Whether Seveso Directive, Hazardous Incident Ordinance or Good Hygiene Regulation - we comply with applicable laws and industry regulations. Our mobile combustion units are specifically certified for environmental degassing (SCCP2016, SCC**2016, ISO 9001:2015) and meet the highest quality requirements.

DEKRA Certificate for ENDEGS for industrial degassing of industrial tanks during maintenance activities
DEKRA Certificate for ENDEGS for industrial degassing of industrial tanks during maintenance activities
DEKRA ISO 9001 certificate for ENDEGS
Gesunde Arbeitsplätze bei ENDEGS

Healthy Workplaces

ENDEGS supports the campaign for healthy workplaces. With our degassing technology and mobile systems, we don’t just want to protect the environment for future generations. We also offer our employees the safest and healthiest workplace possible.