Emissions‐Free Combustion:
Dependable and Transparent

Industrie Hafenanlage

Mobile degassing is our passion.

  • We developed the world’s first fully equipped, trailer⁃mounted, autonomously operating mobile incinerator.
  • We take care of all hazardous substances in the explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC, with a combustion efficiency of almost 100 percent.
  • We are the market leader in terms of incineration performance. The capacity of our Mobile Vapour Combustion Units is scalable from 01. to 50 MW as needed.
  • The degassing process is absolutely clean and unobtrusive – our customers see, smell and hear nothing. That makes all the difference.

Our goal is to achieve the highest combustion performance and efficiency.

  • We drive innovation by constantly working on our combustion performance and efficiency, and on our product range. This lets us best meet the specific needs of the industries we serve.
  • In accordance with current requirements for the protection of people and the environment, we make sure that our degassing units are not only safe and reliable, but also make a measurable contribution to emissions reduction through their flexibility and efficiency. For our customers, and for future generations.
  • The design of our processes draws from our long experience. With their rapid installation and efficient combustion, ENDEGS Mobile Flare Units save customers time and money.

To us, transparency is the basis of every good relationship.

Professional advice on your individual situation and the process as a whole, emissions projections, measurement data, as well as realistic proposals and transparent processes – by all these means we ensure that you experience no unpleasant surprises. Not during preparation, not during execution, not with regard to costs. We guarantee it.

We make emissions reduction possible.

From hydrocarbons to solvents to hydrogenous vapours, our degassing technologies are specially developed to burn all hazardous substances of explosive classes IIA, IIB and IIC - at a rate of very nearly 100 percent, without open flame, noise or odour.

VOC combustion

Individual Solutions for Corporations and SMEs

The industry needs dependable partners, and new challenges demand innovative solutions. That is exactly what ENDEGS delivers. For over 10 years we have accompanied customers large and small through the entire degassing process. We know their individual requirements, their processes and the necessary approval procedures. This saves time and money, and makes your combustion processes highly efficient.

Entgasungsservices für Konzerne & KMUs

1. Our flexible offer

ENDEGS "all⁃in⁃one" service

  • Your worry⁃free package: Our mobile flare including operating personnel and additional material such as power generators, piping, fans, detonation flame arresters (in IIA, IIB or IIC), liquid separators, pressure control valves and more

Rental of flare and additional equipment

  • Short⁃term and long⁃term rental of mobile flares for the emission⁃reducing incineration of industrial pollutants and pollutant mixtures (including hazardous substances)
  • Rental of equipment such as generators, piping, fans, detonation flame arresters (in IIA, IIB or IIC), liquid separators, pressure regulating valves and more for specific customer needs

2. Our degassing services for your emission reduction

  • Patented vapor combustion services for mobile liquid storage tanks, suction vehicles and decanters*
  • Degassing of vessels and barges during loading and unloading
  • Degassing of cryo⁃, pressure⁃ and spherical tanks
  • Degassing of burried tanks
  • Degassing of pipes & pipelines
  • Degassing in preparation for shutdowns in the oil & gas industry
  • Reduction of emissions during the so⁃called roof landings
  • Reduction of emissions during loading and unloading operations in road, rail and ship transport
  • Reduction of emissions when replacing catalytic converters
  • Exhaust air treatment during soil remediation and dismantling projects
  • Reduction of emissions and odors

* Protected by European patent

Flexible replacement (ENDEGS long⁃ and short⁃term solutions)

  • Backup and temporary replacement of VRUs, flares, vapor processing systems (VPS) thermal oxidizer (TO, thermal combustion), regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO, regenerative thermal combustion) & catalytic oxidizer (CO, catalytic afterburning)

3. Additional Services

  • Public authority management
  • Consulting (Emission Reports / Emission Measurements / Risk Assessments)
  • Project management


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ENDEGS: Always Close to the Customer

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe

ENDEGS Operations GmbH serves the needs of the chemical, food, and oil and gas industries in the German⁃speaking countries and Eastern Europe.

Ölhafen in Deutschland
Raffinerie in Frankreich

France, Spain, Italy & Africa

Our French location specializes in the degassing of tanks, pipelines and inland shipping tankers for customers in the chemical and oil and gas industries in France, Spain, and other countries in Southern Europe.


Netherlands⁃based ENDEGS B.V. focuses on the needs of customers in the oil and gas, chemical, food and automotive industries and inland shipping.

Raffinerie Niederlande

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