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3. February 2023

Industry trends 2023

Blog industry trends 2023


A lot has changed in our industry in recent years: more and more industrial companies have realized that they need to take measures to reduce their emissions. This can make an important contribution to protecting health and environment. For 2023, we expect a continued increase in the demand for such solutions as well as an increase in new “green” products that will require further development of existing technologies.

In 2023, we expect the following industry trends:

1. Awareness in the industry is increasing

Health and safety around industrial plants have become increasingly important issues in recent years. In addition to occupational health and safety, there has as well been a growing focus on protecting residential areas that are directly adjacent to industrial facilities: hazardous vapors are still too often just vented into the air or are released due to failures and malfunctions – harming people and environment at the same time. Consequently, there has been a recent surge in the market for solutions that address this issue, either technically or structurally. We are proud we have been able to help the industry to address this issue for more than 15 years with our mobile emission reduction and control services.

Another factor: Europe is to become climate-neutral by 2050 – no more greenhouse gases are to be emitted that are not otherwise compensated. The leading forces in industry are also committed to this goal. Measures are being taken to achieve this: new energy sources such as hydrogen or ammonia (green) are being introduced, as are new supply chains. The efficiency of industrial plants is also being improved.

2. New products require new technologies

With a holistic view, we will see numerous new “green” projects in 2023. Above all, these include the implementation of production facilities for green ammonia and LNG terminals. For us, this means that the products we work with are constantly changing. Therefore, we also have to continuously develop our technologies. For example, LNG has recently become increasingly important as an energy source. As a liquefied gas, LNG is highly flammable and therefore a hazardous substance. Other similarly complex products include butane, ammonia and hydrogen. One of the biggest challenges for us is being able to work with such complex products in the same way as with the “conventional” ones. Industrial degassing has become standard nowadays – it is now important to find solutions for these more demanding challenges.

3. New supply chains are introduced world wide

Additionally, new supply chains are expected to be introduced worldwide. Producers in the new facilities (transmitter) as well as customers (receiving countries) will need to establish infrastructures based on the best available technologies. On regional and national level down to individual companies, we expect further improvements in infrastructures and processes to achieve the environmental goals.

What this means for ENDEGS

Because of all these changes and developments, we notice an increase in the demand for our services. Of course, we are more than happy about this development. On the other hand, however, we also see challenging times ahead, as our customers need more and more advice on their individual requirements. In these “new times”, we are seeing a rush for anything that is “green”. It is also equally important to assess what is the best tool, technical update or change in work progress to comply with legal requirements and achieve environmental goals. This requires a great deal of trust and knowledge of everyday work processes in order to advise and guide customers correctly and not just sell something to them.

Furthermore, new products and materials always require further development of our technologies. Of course, we also pay attention to the needs of our customers – if, for example, they work with a product for which our technologies are not suitable, we will do everything we can to expand our technologies with exactly this product. Many of our innovative ideas come from our everyday work. We will continue to further optimize and adapt our technologies in 2023 – because effective reduction of industrial emissions starts with innovation.

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