mobile vapor control for marine loading

ENDEGS develops and innovates continuously for safety and for a cleaner environment

By developing customer-oriented solutions and by implementing its high quality mobile units with efficient degassing procedures ENDEGS is able to solve the most difficult requirements:

2013 - 2015 ENDEGS
realizes the combustion of >99,9% from new products:

  • Degassing of cryogenic tanks
  • Degassing of propylen tanks
  • Degassing of acrylonitril tanks
  • Degassing of methane pipeline
  • Degassing of styren tanks

2012 - ENDEGS
develops and performs new applications:

  • Degassing of marine vessels > 300.000t DTW and barges while loading
  • Degassing while stripping with steam
  • Operation during refinery shutdown

2010 - ENDEGS develops and introduces new procedures:

  • Degassing of ammonia tank (20.000 t liquid, minus 33 °C)
  • Degassing of n-hexane tanks
  • Degassing of butadiene tanks
  • Degassing pipelines longer than 110 km
  • Temporary replacement of VRU (trucks and wagon loadings)
  • Temporary replacement of VPS (vapor processing system)

2008 - ENDEGS sets off new standards for:

  • Development and implementation of emission free procedure for
    automatic tank cleaning using nitrogen
  • Introduction of degassing suction trucks and mobile tanks
  • Degassing of containers ranging from 10 to 115.000 m³