mobile vapor control for marine loading


ENDEGS opens new ways in order to avoid VOC emissions during maintenance activities or load / unload applications or as temporary replacement for VRU, VPS or torch.

ENDEGS' Mobile Vapour Incinerators are scalable to various applications and products:

  • VOC & other HAP
  • Combustion of flammable or non flammable waste gasses or
  • For fast changing variations in vapour composition or flow

Benefits of ENDEGS' advanced technology

  • Thermal capacity to 5 MW
  • Self-sufficient
  • Controlled process
  • Contolled combustion
  • Telemetry
  • Every unit is certificated by TÜV Germany

"According to current standards all procedures in the industry have to be appraised in respect of safety issues. We assist this appraisal by not only by destroying hazardous pollutants, but also by ensuring not to create an additional hazardous situation."

ENDEGS has successfully carried out degassing for many refineries, tank farms, ports and pipelines within and outside of Europe.

ENDEGS has experience with VOC and HAP incineration with:

  • Receptacles from 10 m³ to 115.000 m³
  • Cryogenic tanks
  • Burried tanks
  • Spheres
  • Distillation columns
  • Flares (temporary replacement)
  • Mobile tanks
  • Suction trucks
  • Temporary replacement of VRU (for Tank Truck Rail Car loading / unloading)
  • Temporary replacement of VPS
  • Temporary replacement of torch
  • Shutdown / decommissioning
  • Marine Vessels (Tankers up to 300.000 t/dwt)
  • Barges
  • Pipelines, pipes
  • Customized solutions

ENDEGS degasses suction trucks and / or buffer tanks at the same time while degassing tanks, barges, sea vessels… according to patent EP 224180681. The result is  a project with approximately "0" VOC emissions. Any applications of EU-Patent EP 2241806B1 on a project are at no additional cost for ENDEGS customers and will lead to a more efficient degassing.