mobile vapor control for marine loading


mobile flaring services

This is 99,9%demonstrable combustion efficiency (TÜV certified performance)

The ENDEGS' fleet of Vapour Combustion Units offers clients >99,9% traceable, demonstrable and measurable destruction of environmental harmful gasses, vapours and mixtures, emitted from land tanks, ships, barges, road and railway tankers, Vapour Recovery and Processing Units. You could use the Mobile Vapour Processing System to make a tank gas free, to load product that generates vapours that does not comply with your Vapour Recovery System, or simply to boost up production and as such avoid surplus vapours to be vented in the environment.

ENDEGS' units are scalable and can be deployed in parallel to meet the demands of various applications and products.

Our broad experience in mobile degassing with many different applications and products has been incorporated permanently into the overall design of our mobile state of art incinerators.

ENDEGS' equipment is developed intrinsically safe and designed to comply with German industrial safety regulations, which means, all relevant safety regulations are adhered to e.g. ATEX.
The construction design complies with European standards.
Every unit is certificated for tank farms and refineries.

Our plug & play VCU is self-sufficient and ready for start-up after connecting to the receptacle.

  • Minimal installation work on site
  • Less space required
  • No visual flame
  • No smoke
  • No odour
  • No ground level radiation
  • Low noise
  • No impact on the neighbourhood
  • No waste left or waste disposal required
  • No clean up required after termination of the job
  • Full complement of safety equipment
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Controlled process
  • Controlled combustion
  • Telemetry
  • Measurement of VOC

Our Vapour Combustion Units (VCU) are developed and produced by ENDEGS GmbH in Bavaria, Germany.