thermal oxidizer technologies

Mobile VOC Combustion Services for your industry with guaranteed >99,9% incineration efficiency

mobile vapour vapor  combustor

ENDEGS’ service and technology guarantees total compliance with current European environmental laws.
The degassing process is executed rapidly and efficient assuring optimal cost-efficiency to the clients.
ENDEGS solves routine and even the most challenging of complex degassing projects.
Safety is ENDEGS' primary concern.

Our Service: complete and professional

  • Optimized mobile vapor combustion units
  • Customized degassing procedures
  • Experienced engineers/ technicians on site
  • HAZOP assistance
  • Surveys of emissions
  • VOC measurement
rent a combustion chamber

Your benefits with mobile degassing:

  • Eliminated emissions
  • Comply with authorities
  • Safety for staff & environment
  • No waste management
  • Uninterrupted production
  • Reduction of overall costs