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Customers' comments about ENDEGS

In the past 2 years we have used during the summer months an ENDEGS mobile Combustion Unit as back up for our Vapour Processing System. We utilized the ENDEGS System as a Peak Saving Unit to process surplus "off gas" from the loading dock when temperatures rise during those months. This helps us to maintain our production and loading capacity and as such avoids traffic delays on our terminal.
ENDEGS System performed as promised. We especially like to note the seamless interaction between the ENDEGS staff and our operational team, their safe way of working and quick learning regarding our requirements.
We surely recommend ENDEGS as a professional degassing partner delivering zero emission services with professional equipment and staff.

Extract out of a reference letter from SHELL Nederland Raffinaderij B.V.

"To Whom it May Concern:
It is our pleasure to recommend the Environmental Degassing services of ENDEGS. During a period of two years, ENDEGS performed a 24/7 Emission Free Degassing services in our tank terminal located at Europoort Rotterdam.The company delivered top-notch quality degassing service while displaying flexibility towards our needs and planning schedule. We like to point out their speed of response and open communication.
ENDEGS is customer orientated and extremely safety conscious. ENDEGS proofed to be a true partner for Vopak by continuously adjusting their service to safeguard an emission free loading and unloading operation of sea vessels and land tanks.

We believe that their certified mobile services helped Vopak to a great extend in order to satisfy emission control requirements.

We recommend ENDEGS and look forward to working with them on future projects."

Extract out of a reference letter from Vopak Terminal Europoort B.V.

" ... Our refinery had considered various solutions for the treatment (chemical and thermal) and opted for VOC combustion. We came to this conclusion after consultation of our security and maintenance department with the German company ENDEGS. ENDEGS' technical competence provided a quick and efficient solution to our problem with strict compliance to safety and environmental regulation.

In the course of this process, no impact on the environment was noticed and our staff avoided any contact with dangerous products!..."

Abstract out of the "EssenCiel", the journal of TOTAL Refineries

"ENDEGS’ combustion equipment is the most efficient and the safest one available on the market today."

Email sent by the Operation Manager of Bayern Oil to his colleagues of refineries in Southern Germany

"The guidelines given by the construction sites were fully implemented... The safety standards of BO and of the TÜV*  were respected… No noise and no smell. Very good... No visible flame… No heat radiation. Harmless… Good impression… No issues and smooth...Top of the line procedure… Team 100 % integrated... Reliable and on schedule… State of the art..."

Extract of translation of a "Site Inspection Document" written by the head of maintenance by Bayernoil  (Joint venture refinery with OMV, BP, Ruhr Oil GmbH, Eni)
TÜV = technical control board in Germany

"ENDEGS applied its mobile incinerator in various sites in Europe. ENDEGS' staff is well known among many oil and gas companies (such as TOTAL and SPSE) for its unique know-how. Many positive recommendations can be reviewed in the reference letters and press articles posted in appendix 6.

Every intervention on an industrial site is strictly audited and reported by safety and pre-emptive preparation. The thoroughness of the preparation which goes in application of ENDEGS allows the company to control its own risks and minimize potential interactions with other activities.

Extract of documents of information at the prefect about the exploitation of a mobile incineration installation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) established by DEKRA Counsel HSE SAS (Lyon, France) for SFPLJ

- The engineering department says: "If it has to work, ask ENDEGS"
- The purchasing department interposes: "I can get that also cheaper"
- The engineering department answers: "No, it must work"

Comments during the preparation of a refinery shutdown in 2015 in one of the biggest refineries of Germany.