flare system air pollution control

ENDEGS, a company with core degassing competence

Kai Sievers, director of ENDEGS GmbH, ENDEGS SARL and ENDEGS B.V.
Licensed mechanical engineer (Dipl. Ing.) and master of business administration (MBA)

Kai Sievers was the initiator for ENDEGS' concept and its high-quality mobile thermal oxydation systems for degassing of VOC and most HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and as well for new procedures for plenty applications and products.
Kai disposes of 20 years experience of gas emissions.

Previous history:

1995-2007: Operation Manager & legal authority for an international pipeline with attached tank farm both based in Germany (MERO Germany AG)
1985-1995: production engineer for MEGA projects at SIEMENS

Our staff:

Our team has strong international experiences in operating refineries, pipelines and tank farms: 

  • Former operating officers of refineries, pipelines and exploitation of tank farms
  • Former industrial maintenance directors specialized in shutdowns and new applications
  • Chemical and mechanical engineers
  • Oil/chemical technicians

We serve companies within and outside of Europe: we speak German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish.