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1. February 2023

TOP 100 innovator 2023: ENDEGS is one of the most innovative German medium-sized companies

Service provider for mobile industrial emissions reduction honored for the third time in a row

Pförring, Germany, February 01, 2023 – ENDEGS GmbH, an expert in industrial emissions reduction and control, has received the TOP 100 seal 2023. The TOP 100 innovator award honors medium-sized companies in Germany for their innovative strength and qualities. After 2021 and 2022, the family-owned company from Pförring is among the winners of the innovation competition for the third year in a row. Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar will personally congratulate ENDEGS on this success on June 23, 2023.

ENDEGS was founded in 2007 and specializes in the mitigation of harmful industrial emissions. The company enabled mobile emissions treatment for the very first time world-wide and has great expertise with more than 1,400 successful projects. To contribute to the reduction of industrial emissions, ENDEGS offers a portfolio of various innovative environmentally friendly services and technologies.

“TOP 100 is about how important innovation is within the company”, says Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, scientific director of the competition. “Do routines and habits dominate, or is the company capable of questioning the existing, thinking creatively and in new ways, and successfully implementing that in the market? We analyze these capabilities with more than 100 test criteria.”

“We are proud to be among the TOP 100 innovators for the third time in a row. Innovation is an important and integral part of our daily work”, says Kai Sievers, founder and CEO of ENDEGS. “Our goal is to contribute to continuously mitigating emissions and reducing the global greenhouse gas footprint. This requires ongoing innovation – therefore, we will of course continue to focus on innovation in the future.”

Innovation as the basis for effective emissions reduction

ENDEGS mobile vapor combustion units (VCU) burn all types of gases, gas mixtures and vapors of the explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC without an open flame and with a combustion rate of over 99,99 %. This enables the mobile and environmentally friendly degassing of tanks, containers, pipelines, vessels, ships and other components. The ENDEGS fleet of mobile vaporizers with nitrogen tanks can be used to purge and render insert systems and system components containing flammable liquids and gases. This allows the degassing of components containing complex, liquid and highly flammable substances such as LNG/CNG, ammonia, hydrogen or propane. The remote-controlled ATEX Zone 0 robot as a rental service ensures greater safety during the cleaning of industrial tanks.

“The substances our customers work with in the various industries are constantly changing. Currently, for example, we are seeing an increased trend toward green products such as green ammonia or LNG”, says Kai Sievers. “Such substances are more complex than conventional ones and therefore necessitate the expansion of existing technologies to include new areas of application. Innovative processes are essential for this. Many of our ideas come from the everyday work at our customers. We give our employees the space they need so that innovations can emerge from their ideas.”

Anniversary edition of the TOP 100 innovation competition

The TOP 100 seal has been awarded to medium-sized companies for particular innovative strength and above-average innovation success since 1993. This year, the scientific competition celebrates a special anniversary: in 2023, the seal is awarded for the 30th time. The award is given on the basis of a scientific selection process. Under the direction of researcher Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, high quality standards apply. The jury evaluates the innovation potential of the participating companies in five categories – innovation-promoting top management, innovation climate, innovative processes and organization, external orientation/open innovation and innovation success. Particular attention is paid to the question of whether a company’s innovations are systematically planned and thus repeatable in the future.

More than 3,000 companies are interested in participating at the innovation competition. However, the requirements of the selection process are already so high that many refrain from participating. In total, more than 550 companies have applied for the TOP 100 seal 2023. The seal is awarded in three size categories: up to 50, between 51 and 200 and from 201 employees. A maximum of 100 companies per size category are awarded the TOP 100 innovator seal. ENDEGS was awarded the seal in size category A (up to 50 employees).


Kai Sievers, Gründer und Geschäftsführer ENDEGS Group

Kai Sievers, Founder and CEO ENDEGS Group

top innovator 2023

TOP 100 innovator seal 2023


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