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11. March 2020

Mobile degassing – what is it?

mobile Brennkammern von ENDEGS

Very simple: The entire degassing process is done on-site.

ENDEGS employees arrive at the customer site with a trailer-mounted, autonomously operating, fully equipped combustion chamber. They connect the pipe and start the burn. Depending on the size of the tank or pipelines and the substance being burned off, the process can take up to 30 hours, sometimes even days or weeks.

ENDEGS CEO Kai Sievers tells an interesting story about at a job in the foothills of the Alps. “We showed up with our truck and got started. After a while a local asked us what was going on. He said we had parked a truck but weren’t doing anything. What were we up to?

“And that’s just the thing. When we talk about combustion or degassing, most people think of flames or smoke, or bad odours. Especially with gases. But there’s none of that. There is nothing to see, nothing to smell, almost nothing to hear. The only sound is the onboard generator, but you only really hear it if you already know the system is in operation.”

That’s mobile degassing with ENDEGS.