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22. January 2020

Degassing – how does it work?

ENDEGS VRU im Einsatz

You know how when you try to scrape that last bit of honey out of a jar with a knife or spoon? You never quite get all of it out, it even smells like honey. The only way to get rid of it is with hot water. Then you can refill the jar again, with jam for example, without risking that you still can taste or smell the honey that had been in it before.

It’s the same with a gas tank or pipeline. Some of the contents always remain after emptying, no matter how long you empty it. This means that cleaners cannot do their job safely, as the residual products outgas. The only way to get containers truly gas⁃free and thus safe is to burn out the residual gas in them. A purpose-developed technology burns gases, gas mixtures and vapours off without leaving any residue. And it does so without letting pollutants into the air.

This is how ENDEGS mobile degassing technology works.